Valerie Thompson’s book is subtitled ‘How to cope with just about anything and everything AND bring about positive change’. Seemed like essential reading for wise women. Valerie’s wise woman life journey has seen many changes. Valerie grew up in Dagenham and rose from telex operator to Director in Salomon Brothers International in London, the pre-eminent Wall Street investment bank at the time. In 1996 her first book, ‘Mastering the Euromarkets’ was published.

Valerie E Thompson

By then Valerie had been studying the power of the mind for many years and had started up her own business in order to have a better work life balance as a single mother. In 2004, Valerie, a Certified Life Coach, gave up paid work, downsizing and relocating to the Sussex Coast to further develop as an author. Since then Valerie has written a novel, for which she is seeking a publisher, and her personal development book, The Logical Magic of Change was published this year.

Below is a snapshot of our interview based on the Logical Magic of Change. We covered a lot of points in depth so subscribe free via this link to download or listen to the MP3 version of our interview.

Realistic Affirmations

Valerie draws on both her personal and professional experience, to show how realistic affirmations, matched by feelings, can help us navigate difficulties and challenges, at the same time as leading our lives forward to new levels. The book is filled with affirmations to help readers address anxiety, stress, anger, mistakes and disappointments, as they affirm to attract money, partners and employment.

In our interview, I asked Valerie to explain, the difference between ‘real’ as opposed to ‘false’ hope, and why it is important. Valerie spoke about the benefits of affirmations that guide us forward, and explained how the oppositie can lead to more disappointment. Naturally, this led to a discussion of the importance of building a stronger trust in our own powers and abilities, and at the same time developing faith that the Universe is working in our favour.

Valerie pointed out that “We all have a history that can’t be swept away by standing in front of the mirror saying all is well. We can’t walk on water …we don’t have dominion over every aspect of our life … but there are loving universal forces that guide us and keep us united and connected.”

I asked Valerie about the balance between affirming to manifest our future, having trust in the outcomes, and taking action. This is a subject that has been rekindled in debates about recent trends in Personal Development, such as ‘The Secret’. Valerie’s detailed response includes a very helpful explanation of Dream, Plan, Action (DPA). Valerie pointed out that, for instance, overplanning can show a lack of confidence in our personal ability and Universal Power. A balance between all three is necessary.

‘When we are at our Weakest, is when we need to be at our Strongest’

I really resonated with Valerie’s statement above, when reading her book. I feel this is a place that many women know well. Valerie advocates Journal Writing, as one of the ways to deal with the feelings from the past that are released as we step forward. Valerie shared her tips on Journal Writing – ruthless honesty and remember that you are writing it for you, and you alone, not for publication. She also shared how she reads and listens to uplifting writing, including Eckhart Tolle when she is in what I have called ‘Swampy Moments’. (Handholds for Swampy Moments Video Link)

Valerie discussed how important it is to accept our feelings, to know that it is old feelings coming to the surface for healing. Valerie also recommends that readers check out how sensitive a person they are. We aren’t all the same and some people, a substantial percentage, are deeply affected even at the physiological level, by their feelings. Valerie recommends and Dr Elaine Aron whose pioneering research has increased awareness of sensitivity.

Choosing Affirmations

Valerie provides a very wide range of affirmations in her book, and I found that as I read, some of them resonated strongly with me, so I asked her what that signifies. Valerie believes that all Universal Truths are known to us at a deep level, and an affirmation that resonates with us, ‘is finding a home inside us. There’s shift in our consciousness and were are ready to create a healing and learn something from it, and then move on to the next one.’

Highly R ecommended

I really enjoyed interviewing Valerie. As in her book, she shares generously from her expertise and experience. The depth of her responses are more than can be summarised here, so to hear the full interview, subscribe to receive the link via email. You can either download the MP3 or listen on line.

Valerie clarifies the value of affirmations, how they best can be used, and how to deal with the responses that come up, and move forward. Her book contains, as she says in her interview, both affirmations for moving through difficulties, and for moving to the future we wish beyond them. I am sure that like me, you will find many that resonate, find a home.

Valerie E Thompson is the link for finding out more about the book and how to buy it, and more about Valerie E Thompson as a Fowler Wainwright Certified Life Coach and Author. It’s a great site for seeing how much one woman can achieve in a lifetime, including her own cartoon persona!!

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